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Newborn Care Specialist Training

Newborn care course

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Held over 2 days. Students attend both days. 


2 x 6 hour sessions (run on Saturdays)  9:30am – 3:30pm

Mode of Study:

Delivered on-Campus – Nurture Training College, 20/828 High Street, Kew East, VIC 3102

Topics Covered:

Basic Newborn Care: Head to toe-hair, scalp, skin, eyes, nose, ears, neck, under arm, umbilical cord, circumcision, non-circumcised, labial and vaginal care, anal and rectal care including diaper rash types and treatments, nails, bathing, feeding including breast feeding, bottle feeding (both breast milk and formula), what you need to know about formulas and options, medication dispensing and liability, diapering and swaddling.

Building a Nursery “must have” list, one for you (those things you require every client have if you work for them), and one for them (the suggested items to stock in the nursery).

Special needs of preemies (extra caution regarding health, car seats, clothing and diapering, swaddling (why it is different for preemies and when you can switch to standard newborn swaddling), stimulation, feeding issues, sleep issues, why they have reflux more often, how to carry them, etc.

Caring for Multiples: To schedule or not to schedule, how to plan for their homecoming, fitting car seats into the vehicle, sleep surroundings, how to feed more than one baby at a time, they are all crying, what do I do?

Caring for and building up a post-partum Mum:One of the most important jobs of a NCS and why.

Signs of Post-partum depression and what to do: Covering the major symptoms of post-partum depression and how to handle it (before baby even comes home).

Recognising signs of various feeding issues: Reflux, tests, treatment and options. Tongue tie, to clip or not to clip, pyloric stenosis – what is it and what can be done, how to feed a baby with a cleft palate.

Recognizing signs of food allergies and intolerances in infants: The big 8 allergens and the most common signs of issues. Options for dealing with them and who parents should take the baby to see.

Major Methods of sleep training: Sharing the most common methods of sleep training and how they differ from one another.

What sleep methods I use – why I don’t use any single method but a compilation of them. And why every job is the same and every job is different.

What do I do: The parents are not following through in the daytime and now the sleep training isn’t working.

Getting your NCS Business off the ground: Do I need to be “certified” and if so, how do I get it? What are my first steps?

How can I get more experience so clients will hire me? What legal issues/insurance issues do I need to address? Do I need a resume’? What should be on it? Do I need a contract with clients? How do I get paid? What if a client cancels? What if I get the babies sleeping through the night early and the client wants to terminate my contract early? My client bounced a check, now what? My client forgot to pay me, now what? How do I explain to clients on the phone what I do without spending all day on the phone and without giving away all my talents?

Tax Overview: What are my tax obligations? Does my client pay taxes on me? My client wants to pay me with a business check?

Contracts with clients: What needs to be in it? Do I really need it? The client doesn’t want one.

Liability insurance: Do I need it? Why? Where can I get it?

Educating Agencies about what I do: Do I need to work with agencies? What do they need to know about what I do in order to “sell” my services to the client?

Green Practices: My new client wants to use eco-friendly products. What does that mean exactly, do they really work and how do I help her set up a green nursery?

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As a Newborn Care Specialist with prior training, I didn’t know exactly what new information I would take from the course. But, I learned so much and was able to immediately apply it to my job. I credit Tonya for a huge chunk of my knowledge and confidence. She teaches with amazing attention to detail due to vast expertise and extensive research. I highly recommend the course to anyone looking to learn more about newborn care. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been working with newborns for years, I am confident you will learn a lot!

Ashlyn Timothy

Without question this training was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself and my career! The amount of information, on a variety of topics, was incredible. No stone was left unturned. Thanks to the comprehensive NCS Training I feel confident in my abilities to be successful as a Newborn Care Specialist. I strongly encourage anyone serious about a NCS career to invest in this training. It is invaluable!!

Jennifer Embs

Nurture Training College not only offers an accessible location away from the parking and traffic nightmare of the city, but are also competitively priced in the market. Classes fill up quickly so call us now to book a space.

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